What is the time, what is space, what life … … When asked to this series of ancient problems, life into a myth, these ultimate questions of life, people will throw the unknown and adventure situation. Only those who have the courage to explore, with courage, wisdom, with a keen and determined heart, dedicated to the line. This process is wonderful and long, as the old Da Vinci password, in the years of the river, waiting for the mysterious mysterious goddess to come to reveal the truth. Hardness and softness, fearless goddess, and finally harvest the answer, reveal the truth of life.

Constantly chasing the IWC nations to express the text of the West series, for the brave and wise ladies and set, it is also IWC nations to express the text of the series interpretation of the times wonderful. The meaning of life is to explore forward, beyond to create a classic, classic achievements eternal.

Origin, flower of life

Morning, bell, castle … … the story takes place in a quiet manor in Italy, where reveals the silence of history, and as if guarding a dusty secret for a long time.

A mysterious woman wearing a saint robe came here, her noble, intelligent, and full of calm rational temperament, obviously, she is purposeful. At the end of the garden, she was looking for the ancient and magical “flower of life” pattern on the wall.

The mysterious visitor, beautiful, texture, brow is full of faith. She reached out to the center of “flower of life”, instantaneous, wall rotation, split, open … … adventure into a broader world, in the “flower of life” under the guidance of time, space … … slide to the eternal heaven and earth.

Elegant curvature, noble color, engraved life of the engraved, slender needle … … flashing wisdom of the light of the text of the watch, it is the gift of life, is the woman to continue to explore the guidelines.

Guidance, Da Vinci Code

With the pin pointing to 12, the woman’s decay journey into the core, then, she met with the ancient soul, and the wise couple shuttle interaction. The wise man, who has a great name, Darwinism, the life is exploring the human in time, space, the mystery between the universe, the constant pursuit of the meaning of life.

What is life, what time is … … this is to attract countless wise men and warriors to explore the ultimate goal, and at the moment, he ushered in the lady, the wisdom and bravery of the woman, she wants to find time holy grail, open life Meaning, Da Vinci with a series of “password” for the beautiful woman to do the wizard.

Faced with everything that followed, the woman’s self-confident face flashed a bit of excitement before the war, yes, she was ready. After a time, the second hand points to 8, meaning infinity, meaning the universe, the infinite possibilities of space … … answer surfaced.

Decoding, the meaning of time

Fearless brave man, can finally harvest the gift of time, the gift of life. As the IWC nations to express the text of the West series, designed for self-confidence, determined by the excellent lady and set, elegant and wisdom coexist, tough and beautiful dance, Da Vinci series of watches to women’s unique soft and tough, the wisdom of sublimation, The magic of the power of life as the protagonist for the watch to give a mysterious and intelligent energy. Confident woman can only leisurely, time and space world in control.

Hamilton this watch brand in the usual time we introduce the space is not much, perhaps mainly due to the brand’s quartz watch too much, the lack of people can seize the bright spot, positioning too close to the people and other reasons. However, sometimes, this was born in the United States, is now Swatch Group covered watch brand, but still able to give us a little surprise, especially in the aftertaste of its rich history of the time. This year, in the 2017 Basel Watch Fair is about to open the occasion, the brand to those who have the iconic classic chronograph as the root cause, brought a good appearance, retro atmosphere, and the price is still close to the people of the automatic chronograph, It is the new Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 chronograph watch.

Chronographs are an extremely important part of Hamilton’s past history, especially between the 1960s and the 1970s. It happened that the brand had a very sensitive market judgment, and then bought Büren, moved to Biel, Switzerland, and later became part of SSIH . But also at that time, the brand to create a lot of excellent watches, some later became a very valuable collection of existence, such as Fontainebleau chronograph watch , While the other is very representative, and now still watch watch enthusiasts are sought after the timepiece, is the 1968 Hamilton Chronograph B watch . This piece of time is a typical “reverse panda” disk style design , and is the first of the series equipped with a manual winding movement of the dual-disc chronograph watch. Later, the Po Ling / Hamilton / TAG Heuer to create a Caliber 11 automatic chronograph movement, can be located in the crown on the left side of the design to identify, since then, the brand in the field of time will take the automatic On the road.

The classic chronograph of the 1960s is the source of inspiration for the Intra-Matic 68 chronograph, which is now a modern design style, but the retro atmosphere is still strong. In this table, Hamilton carefully retained a few sixties and seventies chronograph watch on the details of the elements, including the appearance of 1968 Chronograph B and equipped with a self-winding movement Chrono-Matic table On the calendar window. Therefore, we can see in the new table on these very classic design elements, such as slim bezel, the right side of the case of the mushroom head button and crown and give a sharp texture of the lugs, etc., the overall line Quite simple and simple, did not drip with water. Anyway, from the visual experience, I believe this new Intra-Matic 68 chronograph watch has overcome a lot of fans in the hearts of the high ground.

In addition, the new Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 chronograph watch also uses the “reverse panda” design layout, as well as the disk around the rectification of the speed scale and other design elements, to that era of the classic chronograph Pay tribute. Of course, the 6-point calendar window is the same as the automatic style at the same time, but it may not be a must, but taking into account the needs of modern consumers moved over. Also, this dial, as well as the pointer, etc., are used with a certain degree of design. Brand for this Intra-Matic 68 watch is equipped with a very retro atmosphere is very strong black diamond leather strap, and watch the overall look looks very much ride. There is only one place that has changed dramatically: size. The original style of the case diameter of 36mm, and now it is of course to follow the development and needs of the times , because it has changed from 36mm to 42mm, more than a full 6mm. Although we feel 38 or 39mm may be more appropriate, but the size of the words, at least for most of the table fans, is also a very good choice.

In this Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 watch is equipped with a very modern movement – Cal.H-31-type self-winding movement. This movement is based on Valjoux 7753 polished, can provide 60 hours of power reserve, and at the same time using the improved gossamer in order to get better timing performance.

Replica Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 Chronograph Watch
#Movement : Mechanical automatic, H-31 calibre, 60-hour power reserve.
#Functions :Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, date, tachymeter.
#Case :Steel, 42 mm. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 10 bar (100 m/330 ft).
#Dial :Black with white 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and white small seconds at 9 o’clock. Date window at 6 o’clock. Hour and minute hands coated with superluminova. White chronograph seconds hand, black counter hands.
#Bracelet/strap: Perforated black leather with buckle.

2017 SIHH – Piaget Altiplano 60th

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Mention Piaget, we undoubtedly the first thought is that it’s ultra-thin watches. In 1957, Piaget launched ultra-thin watch, the top of the watch industry, a generation of legendary watch turned out, and instantly reached the watch industry level position. 2017, it is Piaget ultra-thin watch the birth of the 60th anniversary, therefore, this year Piaget launched the Altiplano series 60 anniversary watch limited edition.

The Piaget Altiplano 60th Anniversary Watch on SIHH has two sizes, one for 43mm (G0A42105) and one for 38mm (G0A42107). Wrist watch from Piaget’s first ultra-thin watch aesthetic style, full of Piaget show the classic creativity, no matter what time, never out of date.

1979 Piaget Polo series come out for the symbol of the upper class. The end of the 70s, the trend of mutiny, bold and vigorous flow, tough and handsome neutral wind prevails. In 1979, Piaget conform to the trend, subvert the tradition, creating a beautiful free and easy new aesthetic fashion, Piaget Polo table was born. The initial table to take a round or square case, are made of precious metals, but also introduced diamond table models, and then grow for the men’s table and ladies watch series, and derived from a variety of differences watches. In 2001, Piaget Polo watch series launched a new large watch, re-show the brand hall class classic series, and for its fresh vitality. The new watch to take a lot of shape of the large size of the dial, and ergonomic detail of the convex plan, wearing a very stable.

Both dials are unique Piaget blue, wandering in the cobalt blue and midnight blue between the deep color, decorated with sun pattern decoration, romantic and charming, retro elegant and yet fashionable. At the same time, dial center low-key blue cross pattern from Piaget collection style, with the classic platinum timetable and slender Barton pointer echo each other to create a charming visual effects.

In the two watches, 43 mm section is an automatic winding watch, it is pure men’s watches, using the back through the design. 38 mm is a manual winding watch, is a standard dress table, dense design.

You can see 2017 SIHH IWC Da Vinci

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Da Vinci’s story have continues, this year it, with a new look and positioning, came to the side of the table fans. Although so far has been based on men’s dollars as the mainstream, but for the new Da Vinci Collection, the brand claimed that it is also a good choice for ladies.

In accordance with the tradition of the past, the reorganization of the series this year, is the protagonist of this article Da Vinci. In fact, the past few years, the design of the barrel-type appearance is no longer as popular as before, so the series of overhaul is an imminent thing. So early 2017, the watch Collection in the history of the iconic style: 1985 Ref.3750 watch based on a new design transformation. They are “tracing the source” of the product, the first paragraph is the 3750 this classic time tribute to the tribute, whether in appearance or technology, are so.

In addition, the world in this year’s Geneva show also released a number of other new watches, including the classic 40mm size automatic watch, “Lawrence Sports Foundation” chronograph watch and as the flagship style Da Vinci Tourbillon Reverse chronograph watch. In general, the new design of the Da Vinci Collection in the future for a long period of time, will lead the presence of the coquettish, this tribute to the classic practice, and will not feel the slightest sense of far-fetched, after all, is the classic Classic, I believe that every table fans, will have these historical records of the time to be deeply attracted, of course, if the nations in their excellent mechanical technology and the relative price level to find a “more Good “balance point, then presumably Da Vinci Collection into the table peak can be described as just around the corner. In any case, we sincerely hope that the nations will be better and better in the days to come, to bring more superstition and more excellent and excellent time for their fans, to create a classic that belongs to it story.

Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – IWC
#Part Number – AZB1-238936DA VINCICPO
#Dial window material type – Hesalite
#Display Type – Analog
#Case material – Yellow gold
#Dial color – Gold
#Calendar – Month
#Movement – Automatic self wind

Roger Dubuis Carefully deduce fashion brand

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In the past few days, Roger Dubuis launched four very original, in the form of traditional animation as a short film, the film every frame is like the brand’s extraordinary time in general, to elaborate hand and delicate to complete, the work to a higher level of art The

These scenes of the spectacular creative video echoes the Roger Dubuis movement hand-built characteristics, complement each other, and like a copy of the creative declaration of success, to show the brand extraordinary concept: inherited the traditional watchmaking of the grand watch in Geneva, Hundreds of hand-assembled parts are assembled and assembled into extraordinary timepieces.

These finely presented Roger Dubuis ironic style of the film is the brand and Cyril Clapin (Cyril Clapin, award-winning film “The Rain Surfer” creator) to achieve the work.

Each series of short films in this series are drawn in full black and white lines, and each with a Roger Dubuis exclusive super movement as the protagonist, respectively, highlight the four different themes: spiritual penetration, interstellar, architectural structure, accurate, each write a moving chapter.

The Butterfly Effect
The theme of the first chapter of the legendary series of films is “Spirituality”, which depicts a curious butterfly (symbolizing the curiosity of Roger Dubuis watchmaker) for the exploration of a mysterious pillar, and the resulting Clever transformation process.

This exquisite butterfly’s indomitable, making its original solid wings into light, bright and transparent natural works, showing a sophisticated mechanical appearance, and it is also the superb mechanical brand to create a classic hollow flying Tuo Flywheel movement.

Gossamer light butterfly wings as if the dexterity of God’s hand, as much as possible to cut off the movement of the plywood and bridge material, leaving only the core components, showing the ultimate permeability of the hollow effect. Roger Dubuis has provided a spectacular stage for the complex functions of its tourbillon movement.

After the transformation of the butterfly wings to another new exploration tour, but in its mechanical “twins” who left a unique mark, as Excalibur Spider series of time one of the genes.

Structural charm
In the “building structure” chapter, the viewer will follow the Eagle’s shocking perspective: the eagle with a keen insight and a tough fly, is the favorite animal symbol of Roger Dubuis, the Geneva city where the watch factory is located, and the Tabulation of the quality of the Geneva mark on behalf of the logo. Roger Dubuis is deeply attached and attached to them.

The audience seemed to follow the wings of the noble eagle and moved, cast himself in a weightless space, and shuttle in the sharp multi-angle structure. This structure forms the classic star shape of Roger Dubuis “Star Trek”.

This video tells the story of the brand’s first self-winding hollow watch story, which carries the RD820SQ movement consists of 167 parts, each part of the face for all have been excellent hand-refined processing.

Star art
The third chapter through the double fly tourbillon RD01SQ movement to show the “Star” theme, explore Roger Dubuis’s extraordinary world.

In this interpretation, the stars with a skilled guide, transformed into superb movement, seems to symbolize the culmination of technology and design. This clever hand into the stars into another world of the Milky Way, to create a moving beauty of the world and extraordinary precision.

In the opening of the film, a clenched fist to the new universe to start fingers, spread the planet. With a relaxing fingertip (which means Roger Dubuis is good at giving talent to the complex features of watches and clocks), the universe is out of planets. Fingertips, falling planets ring was smartly decorated in Roger Dubuis’s sparkling stars.

And then play the index finger clever performance: the two rings seemingly inadvertently placed under the stars, as a hollow double fly tourbillon shelter, in order to achieve visual beauty and technical performance of the perfect combination, which Create representative works of Roger Dubuis.

Pass the brand with extraordinary creativity
Roger Dubuis’s new film series “extraordinary movement” to full of fun, fantasy, innovation and incredible image interpretation, vividly show the brand timepieces both complex and singular, both reliable and innovative excellence. Roger Dubuis challenged all visitors with his “courageous and extraordinary” spirit and proverbs.

Hand-painted film, hand-made timepieces, accurate brush strokes. As a good combination of architectural beauty and superb skills of watchmaking experts, Roger Dubuis to a series of superb legendary video, once again shocked people.

Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42mm automatic-self-wind Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Roger Dubuis
#Part Number – 87300EXCALIBUR 42MMCPO
#Display Type – Analog
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Movement – Automatic self wind

Blancpain New Watches at Baselworld 2016

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“When the founder of the classic meter” Blancpain Blancpain in 2016 Basel Watch Fair opening day glory released three new timepieces pay tribute tribute to the world’s most watched event in the watch and the general watch fans.


Lessons from the blue volume surge waves rhythm of inspiration, Blancpain Blancpain “maestro” studio for the first time new and appropriate Mexican silver obsidian, while incorporating revered and is the industry’s top award, “Geneva Watch Award” for sure Blancpain’s unique technology – EGL rokushō green-gray solution passivation step. On the dial, the platinum carved serpented patina color, its appearance carving places Japanese painter Hokusai woodcut was created by “Grand Wave de Kanagawa” as inspiration. In nirvana processing Blancpain “metal sculpture” Master, the sense of power and dynamism of the United States represented by the ash Obsidian surging waves of pure harmony in stark contrast.


Silver obsidian, known for its soothing qualities, is a semi-transparent volcanic rock. Its mysterious color speckled with puffy, silvery clouds infuses it with the elegant charm sought by the designers of the new Métiers d’Art timepiece. This gem serves as a base for “The Great Wave” applique in white gold. The technique used by Blancpain to create this applique involves several phases. It is first fixed to a Shakudō* base before being coated with a unique patina achieved by immersing it into a bath of rokushō salts. Once the patina has been applied, the Shakudō is removed. Certain parts of the wave roller are polished in order to intensify the impression of a huge billowing wave. Finally, the engraving is affixed to the Mexican silver obsidian. This succession of steps gives the model a shimmering appearance playing on the mysteriously changing tones of the dial.


The new Villeret series when the two calendar watch with stainless steel case, Blancpain is the first product range with stainless steel material to build two calendar watch. Watch with sapphire crystal back through, and the case material in stark contrast clearly show the interior is equipped with gold chain placed wheel and a surface dressed in the traditional manual design. Cold hands and hour markers of color, texture and harmony with the case of the steel one. Dial layout, adhere to the continuation of the brand and good grace, clear, balanced design, greatly enhance the visibility reading calendar, day, date and month to eleven other information clearly presented.

Replica Tudor watches is a must own watch

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If there have been a good time to match a brand on actually pursuing watch consumer taste trends,it really is with today’s modern Tudor. For Baselworld 2016, the Tudor designer watches brings out the brand’s first bronze situation as well as an in-residence-manufactured Tudor activity into the well-liked History Black Bay series. What’s even better is that this new version of the Tudor Black Bay is actually different enough to compel existing Black Bay watch owners to add it to their collection.


It was possibly not too long ago that we noticed my other watch fanatics talking more and more about Tudor timepieces. It got me quite curious, because before that the brand had one main image – baby Rolex. My very own knowledge of Tudor timepieces is restricted, and for good explanation – they aren’t officially offered in the usa. It is likely a strategic decision by Tudor’s parent company Rolex, though i am not really sure why that is.

From your replica Tudor watches collection, the Tudor History fake line continues to be one of the most identified and with it. With outstanding timepieces much like the Tudor Black Bay fake, the brand has successfully reasserted an area in the luxurious sporting activities timepieces niche. The darkish brown call along with the burgundy bezel are section of the antique plunging watch concept, along with the large crown, domed crystal and dense, rose precious metal palms.


For a long period, the most notable trend, timeless Swiss watch-making design have created the unique traditions of Tudor wrist watches, that have been deserved to your style of modern productive way of life. The initial symbol of Tudor timepieces was a increased routine, then it became a protect decorated with roses, and then evolves into what it is today–simply a protect condition. Tudor timepieces have designed a good reputation for being the very best of Swiss watchmakers in terms of locating a harmony in between old and new. At Best Wrist watches , we have created a good reputation for being the very best in the business at controlling top quality duplicate designer watches with the best prices. It really is obvious then that it new selection of fake Tudor designer watches comes from good supply. The Tudor Classic is the pinnacle of Tudor style. Its daring collections, streamlined design, and vintage face make it the archetypal Swiss watch. When other companies could be far more well known along with other watch types more famous, the Tudor vintage softly offers in close proximity to-flawlessness. For those of you who are real Swiss watch fans, the Tudor Vintage is a must personal watch.

2016 Basel Wolrd, which opens a famous watches and clocks jewelry event will begin on March 17, continued to 24. Who loves table team will be in the first place to bring us those famous exhibition brands such as rolex, omega, emperor rudder, tiger spirit, treasure way tag heuer, one hundred degrees when manufacturers released by the new plan and cutting-edge information, of course, in addition to these brands, there will be many, very much, much more special industry the most popularity of independent watchmaker and is waiting for us.


Please pay attention to our blog site ( knockoffwatchesale.co.uk ) and we’ll bring you the most comprehensive exhibition of this latest fashion alerts. There is no doubt that this will continue to be the same as a conventional exciting event, and this time we will take a more personal perspective to show this Basel trip to watch and report on those that will release this year important and interesting unique timepieces.

Smart watches a lot of popularization and the high-end watch ramshackle sales has become this year many the watchmaker, the focal place of the chatter. In fact, in most cases, growing increasingly decline, sales of smart watches with Swiss high-end watch show consistency of sales is just a coincidence, rather than a direct link. In fact, compared with the new release of smart watch, we want to see more high-end tabulation of Swiss industry to continue with more novel based material, more great homemade movement, as well as to the consumers more friendly aspects such as the price level as the starting point to build more mechanical clock.

Replica Breguet watches 5140 in your style

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Throughout when Replica Breguet antique enamel meter, where the white fire enamel watches its complicated process, simple classic style much favored by watch collectors. Large fire enamel first opaque enamel glaze attached to the metal carcass, and then high temperature sintering, then glaze will melt into liquid, gradually bonded together with the carcass, since the sintering process enamel glaze volume will be narrow, so you need multiple glazing and firing, even after polishing, the final form of a single color enamel products. Late 18th century Breguet confession enamel plate is made of the use of this process, due to the very strong physical properties, so this dial watches. Replica Breguet No.717 antique watches will be using a large fire enamel, pure and simple dial, individually numbered engraved, when the scale ring with Roman numerals character, the perfect show Breguet classic style.


Replica Breguet Classique classic series in 5140, 5177 and 7787, although with different functions but all three watches also uses a large fire enamel interpretation. Dignified, elegant, classical fusion with original features in one design adhering to the essence of the original master Breguet watches, Replica Breguet tradition of excellence will process and render extremely spiritual heritage.


Replica Breguet watches 5140

2016 Replica Breguet upcoming effort to launch a new series of classic ladies watches Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088 in Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show on display on the occasion. This watch as Replica Breguet adopt another new work enamel large fire made, not only demonstrates Replica Breguet charm ladies watch, the essence of the art of watchmaking convergence one, for women to create more adhering to attain tireless watch pursuit and craftsmanship.

Under section Replica Breguet watches classic series Ms. delicate appearance hides a remarkable and quality. Which watch not only equipped with one of the most poetic watchmaking complication: moon phase, and more with white grand feu enamel dial decorated Arabic numerals in order to pay tribute to the founder of the brand created in 1783 handed down the classic ” Breguet number “time scale. Minute dial decorated with little stars, using the unique style lily-shaped five-minute mark, reaching a long tribute Breguet watchmaking tradition again. Midnight blue steel Replica Breguet pointer to the creation in 1783 classic hollow needle pointer style as inspiration, on this basis, re-impose design ingenuity, and enamel dial each other, combining traditional aesthetics and writing a large fire enamel Replica Breguet enduring history mark.

What brand to buy the replica watch is better? I first recommended replica Rolex watch, people who did not like the “tacky” Rolex, I would recommend replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Date watch, which among which Master Control Date Masters Series calendar watch 39 mm for the best entry level — it can be said is now the lowest priced Jijia male form, but it still comes with excellent advanced self-produced movement.


Master Control Date Series calendar Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is evergreen, and Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is 39 mm in 2012 to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the Masters Series and the launch of the new version, and there is the case from the old section of 40 mm change 39 mm, and the movement to improve from Cal.889 Cal.899. 2012 introduced an annual family only flour steel and rose gold models in 2015, Jaeger-LeCoultre has introduced a more restrained black-faced steel section Q1548470.


Stainless steel black-faced models still 39 mm case diameter, 8.8 mm thick, the proportion of the watch fairly modest dress, I personally think that changed the master of ultra-thin watch case is even more perfect, more than 1 mm thin can wear more elegant slide freely up sleeves. Simple and clean all round case are mirror-polished surfaces, good processing quality, but ordinary slightly monotonous.

Similarly, dial or minimalist style, first introduced in the 1990s, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Classic style watch when it established its design inspiration from the last century Futurematic watch fifties.


While this is a black dial watch SIHH 2015 was launched new, original silver dial steel supplementing paragraph. It is worth noting that the date dial black dial with black, instead of the original date white plate, the latter is often the black plate watches favorites. The dial is radially brushed, toffee Deffy hands, Arabic numerals 3,6,9 combination of arrow-shaped hour markers at each hour markers are luminous point, the hands are also embedded with super luminous material, even at night is also clear and easy to dial read.


While inherent charm Masters Series calendar watch is Cal.899 self-winding movement, with 38 hours power reserve, vibration frequency 28800vph, Central pendulum Tuo also 22K gold counterweight. You know, the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre movement production plant is well-known, even now there are dozens of thousands of annual movement, but also supplied to the Li-feng Group sister brand use; so naturally Jaeger-LeCoultre 899 movement of their own production, and classic movement for decades and constantly evolved.