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2016 Basel Wolrd, which opens a famous watches and clocks jewelry event will begin on March 17, continued to 24. Who loves table team will be in the first place to bring us those famous exhibition brands such as rolex, omega, emperor rudder, tiger spirit, treasure way tag heuer, one hundred degrees when manufacturers released by the new plan and cutting-edge information, of course, in addition to these brands, there will be many, very much, much more special industry the most popularity of independent watchmaker and is waiting for us.

Please pay attention to our blog site ( ) and we’ll bring you the most comprehensive exhibition of this latest fashion alerts. There is no doubt that this will continue to be the same as a conventional exciting event, and this time we will take a more personal perspective to show this Basel trip to watch and report on those that will release this year important and interesting unique timepieces.

Smart watches a lot of popularization and the high-end watch ramshackle sales has become this year many the watchmaker, the focal place of the chatter. In fact, in most cases, growing increasingly decline, sales of smart watches with Swiss high-end watch show consistency of sales is just a coincidence, rather than a direct link. In fact, compared with the new release of smart watch, we want to see more high-end tabulation of Swiss industry to continue with more novel based material, more great homemade movement, as well as to the consumers more friendly aspects such as the price level as the starting point to build more mechanical clock.

Buy your favorite’s second replica watch

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When it gets a good replica watch, we will have “This replica watch can be worn for a lifetime,” the thought flashed, but it is only you “first replica watch”, so to maintain a sense of balance, to choice you second replica watch.

With a sense of normalcy to choice your second replica watch.

Buy your favorite’s second replica watch

What we call the “first”, not those figures wearing fresh play, but can not withstand toss electronic replica watch, but you consciously cognitive replica watch after first choice – maybe it’s just for the buy and buy into some muddle experience.

When you consciously buy only the second replica watch, the idea is much more correct: the calendar can easily have Chronograph fun but did not used once leather strap pretty easy, but in the summer the sweat sour the replica watch back good through the end of easy to appreciate.

Accurate intention to buy, but the target range and clutter – this is the choice of the second replica watch only doubts. Although it gets a good replica watch, we have “The replica watch can be worn for a lifetime,” the thought flashed, but it is only you “on a third replica watch,” only, so to maintain a sense of balance, to pick it is only your second replica watch.

What to buy replica watch

Learn some knowledge of the replica watch and easier scanty, standard for the first time a lot of people to buy the replica watch is a pile of attributive: There are pointers! Mechanical or start from the brand: Longines with a grade! Chen Daoming endorsement that.

Of course, such a method of selection is easily fooled fooled themselves or others. Even want to hear the clerk’s recommendation, at least have a clear price, occasion wear, etc. Otherwise, the clerk to see that you are a novice, it will recommend the brand unsalable style, not to say they are bad, just not suireplica watch for the Chinese market replica watches, you certainly wearing Ningba.

Why are you wearing

No power to buy a lot of people, a good replica watch, utility is the key word, one can wear more than 8 hours per day you need is a replica watch, the second replica watch should be only the first heavy “business property” – that is, to replica watch and match the nature of your work, to say the least, at least decent.

How decent? There is a small trick is to see you most often wear clothing is required to determine if often need a suit, naturally belt or strip dress form is more appropriate; if the majority of casual, sporty replica watch even more certain to be accepted.

Sense of presence and gas field

Clothes to wear for others to see, but also to replica watch others to see, large dial on the more prominent than the small dial, it is more complex style drill than the ordinary style.

Finally, the reason why a lot of people ready to buy only the second replica watch of the important reasons – first grade or function has only suireplica watch replica watchs need now, then do not hesitate to spend money on the pursuit of quality will be well-known brands on the classic to be sure; those who pursue it will need to re-function ease of use and quality stability of the money to buy these functions.

Price, functionality, design

Only the second replica watch areas of concern:

Price: First, the price can not be lower than the first replica watch. Like buying a car, we can now hope the next car better than.

Functional: I like mechanical replica watches, but does not the movement as the most important selection factors, because the cost is too complex movement is bound to increase, at present, only requires precise enough movement on it. Three needles, replica watches prices on the calendar this function can accept.

Finally, I chose this bell & ross, its square dial is very interesting to me, it is the limited edition plus points. As under a replica watch, I would choose GMT replica watch.

Better reflect the value of the precious metal material replica watch

Our replica watch selected recommendations:

Discounts: If you do not as a collection, just to buy a commodity, the price list is the primary consideration. Usually in foreign countries to buy the replica watch, there will be a discount, but only tourists can get, I analyze the reasons are: tourists buying left, not disrupt the local market. Overall, Switzerland and Singapore to buy the most suireplica watch form, in fact, Singapore is not cheap, it has the advantage of the whole style.

About material: capacity, I recommend buying a gold replica watch, precious metal material better reflect the value of the replica watch, the steel sheet is relatively low hedge. And generally made of precious metal replica watchs, case, movement, relatively polished to improve a lot on technology.

About Movement: self-movement is also a selling point, simply put, people buy all their parts loading and production tech replica watch is certainly different. Including maintenance, self-movement also accounted for a large advantage, self-movement of the replica watch, even if the replica watch discontinued, at least there is the brand-stock parts to ensure repairs.