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Blancpain New Watches at Baselworld 2016

by Coco on

“When the founder of the classic meter” Blancpain Blancpain in 2016 Basel Watch Fair opening day glory released three new timepieces pay tribute tribute to the world’s most watched event in the watch and the general watch fans.

Lessons from the blue volume surge waves rhythm of inspiration, Blancpain Blancpain “maestro” studio for the first time new and appropriate Mexican silver obsidian, while incorporating revered and is the industry’s top award, “Geneva Watch Award” for sure Blancpain’s unique technology – EGL rokushō green-gray solution passivation step. On the dial, the platinum carved serpented patina color, its appearance carving places Japanese painter Hokusai woodcut was created by “Grand Wave de Kanagawa” as inspiration. In nirvana processing Blancpain “metal sculpture” Master, the sense of power and dynamism of the United States represented by the ash Obsidian surging waves of pure harmony in stark contrast.

Silver obsidian, known for its soothing qualities, is a semi-transparent volcanic rock. Its mysterious color speckled with puffy, silvery clouds infuses it with the elegant charm sought by the designers of the new Métiers d’Art timepiece. This gem serves as a base for “The Great Wave” applique in white gold. The technique used by Blancpain to create this applique involves several phases. It is first fixed to a Shakudō* base before being coated with a unique patina achieved by immersing it into a bath of rokushō salts. Once the patina has been applied, the Shakudō is removed. Certain parts of the wave roller are polished in order to intensify the impression of a huge billowing wave. Finally, the engraving is affixed to the Mexican silver obsidian. This succession of steps gives the model a shimmering appearance playing on the mysteriously changing tones of the dial.

The new Villeret series when the two calendar watch with stainless steel case, Blancpain is the first product range with stainless steel material to build two calendar watch. Watch with sapphire crystal back through, and the case material in stark contrast clearly show the interior is equipped with gold chain placed wheel and a surface dressed in the traditional manual design. Cold hands and hour markers of color, texture and harmony with the case of the steel one. Dial layout, adhere to the continuation of the brand and good grace, clear, balanced design, greatly enhance the visibility reading calendar, day, date and month to eleven other information clearly presented.

Given that 1953, the first contemporary diving watch Fifty Fathoms formally put in operation given that its itemizing, Blancpain they forged a bond with all the seas. In order to further protect the marine fulfill commitments, to arouse public awareness of the urgency to maintain this vital resource, Blancpain to the Roman Caesars Palace in Las Vegas The Forum Shops, opened the “heart of the sea” theme show curtain, recently. Here is the first lower body in the Northern United states tour of your convention.

Pursuits of the night time, vice president and revenue director Marc Junod Mr. Blancpain and Mr. David Gely brand manager for America Area went to the opening up party “Coronary heart Water” theme convention, with lots of friends, all friends and friends within the media lavish wedding ceremony .

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, guests were invited to pass through a fifty fathoms watch bezel shape of the gate into the exhibition.On this page, the marine scenario spectacular look at, Blancpain world-wide seas guardian commitment also will likely be well-known. Blancpain and the under the sea arena of lasting bonds started out 60 in the past a first plunging watch – 50 Fathoms watch emerge. For that reason Fifty Fathoms watch, Blancpain and several researchers, scuba diving experts, federal government organizations as well as other deeply-seas areas of environment leader, established essential interactions. These historic beginnings conferred Blancpain enduring interest, he usually backed a variety of environmental plans,maintain and discover, protect the sea resources from the earth.

Personal meal at night, speaking about thoughts and its particular manufacturer sea safeguard sea assistance mission, Marc Junod Mr mentioned: “We have now a lot more assistance with many other maritime protection organizations, for example assistance using the Countrywide Geographic ‘Pristine Seas’ and other this sort of. cooperation impressive, for which our company is really proud to aid leader since the first partner ‘original plan Search of your Sea’ task, Blancpain has always been financed with the task over the years, and contains produced real and tangible outcomes, including: protection the sea area compared to the original plan before execution, as much as doubled. “