Replica GUCCI watches

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Gucci watches Interlocking series gilt light scene, noble color rose gold PVD coating, perfectly silhouetted against the bold design of two interlocking “G” letters. Double G represents the first letter of the name of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, contains the essence of the brand heritage since.

Case with a contrasting effect of brushed and polished stainless steel, 29 mm in size to highlight women’s soft and Jiaoqiao. Rose gold PVD coating solid strap and dial seamless, perfectly fit the wrist curve. “Swiss Made” words burn high-quality Swiss watch manufacturing process, integrate modern minimalist stylish, became festooned with love of choice.

Gucci’s Horsebit pattern is one of its best-known designs. And this pattern continues to identify out of elegant watch collection also much loved.

New watch Horsebit smooth arc-shaped stainless steel case engraved Gucci logo of horsemanship and with elegant decorative patterns, fashion rose gold PVD glory, and avant-garde combinations of markers and Roman numerals, and at 3 o’clock Gucci logo can be described more cathartic; impart watch simple style of modern art. Watch with brown leather strap, color natured chic, perfect for the sleek, stylish interpretation of Gucci original perception.

Both new models rose gold PVD coating Horsebit watches have a smaller shape of 26 mm, a watch with a black face and Roman numerals and has a classic look, while the second paragraph of the watch with mother of pearl dial and inlaid with diamonds in 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions, adding a sense of luxury fashion. Horsebit shape occupy a central position, and this elegant decorative pattern arc wrapped watch bracelets, bring out the low-key dial.

New watch bracelet with a stylish table designed to make it even more exquisite. Surface holding a simple, elegant style, the words “Swiss Made” at 6 o’clock, “Gucci” logo at 12 o’clock or 3 o’clock position.

Recently, Gucci introduced a new bee design elements. This charming and influential new mark is used in jewelry from a Le Marché des Merveilles series. This series bees eclectic design, both poetic, in Gucci 2016 spring and summer fashion show for the first time into public view.

The series in 18K gold or rose gold, including pendant necklace, earrings and rings. This new design elements appropriately confirms Gucci consistently innovative and creative strength.

G-Timeless series filled with contemporary style and simplicity will look, showing the ultimate quality of life.

Classic diamond pattern pattern extends to the surface of the edge, creating a strong modern aesthetic, from Switzerland Seiko gold watch-making so that the whole harmony. Lengthening the time scale Xiangtie highlights minimalist style, shape refined charm mature men, between the low-key luxury show prolonged immortal quality.

G-Timeless series has always been rich and varied, also gave birth to numerous Gucci logo of the series, its enduring charm is that which can always watch constantly reborn, tricks times out. The new “Bees” symmetrical design, pleasing Serenity, expand the design possibilities. New watch dial with a unique embroidery, gold thread to create “bee” style, exudes modern neutral charm.

All new watches are all 38 mm in code to Gucci’s “green – red – green” striped fabric background foil gold thread embroidery bees. This extraordinary weaving inherited dial Gucci’s tradition of innovation in the material, but also add a touch of warm and soft taste. Green dial inside, red, gold and gold-plated PVD watchcase complement each other. With these unique new G-Timeless watches, Gucci watches jewelry Creative design with traditional materials and “Swiss made” quality perfect fusion, once again strengthened its not shake the “creative watchmaker” status.

Presents an elegant and modern tone of the G-Timeless watch GUCCI jewelry is one of the flagship series. This series of elegant lines, rich in style and functional, the new paragraph two more of its precious diamond icing on the cake.

Both watches were in yards (38 mm) and small yards (27 mm), the use of precious materials distinct highlight fashion concise style. Each feature a classic round case and minimalist style figures, so mother of pearl face become the visual focus, with delicate white diamond bezel complement each other. The code section set with 50 diamonds, small code models are set with 36 dazzling gems. In order to highlight the beauty of elegant watch, bracelet holding a stylish, modern style – G-Timeless latest series bracelet styles: matte polished modification plus three links stainless steel bracelet.

Zhen expensive materials, low-key charm – these two new watches are the perfect interpretation of modern elegance.