Replica Ulysse Nardin watches

Swiss Ulysse Nardin Skeleton Tourbillon series is a series of artistic perspective, the movement structure as art. Positive and negative space watch intertwined, simplicity, allowing you a glimpse of movement craftsmanship. Like a labyrinthine movement, parts and plywood redesigned to simplify, subtly re-shaped into a rare treasures. Ball pythons hollow Tourbillon continues the spirit of the same series, and will enhance the aesthetics of the complex to a higher level.


Replica Ulysse Nardin Skeleton Tourbillon watch , so that light can penetrate freely wrist, exudes bright light. Silicon technology and equipped with their own watch factory developed flying tourbillon, with particular emphasis on the series of mechanical parts, comprising silicon springs, anchor type escapement and escapement wheel. Movement plywood painted with rubies, highlighting the extraordinary skill and sensitivity of watchmakers art, while demonstrating the wonderful world of Ulysse Nardin process aesthetics. Python strap design was the creative theme draw a perfect full stop.


This Replica watch like the call of the wild, like endless lush jungle, also retains the original version of the style, the choice of 18K rose gold case, limited edition of 18, ball python hollow Tourbillon unruly heart exhibit fearlessness.

Ulysse Nardin watch: Royal Python Skeleton Tourbillon 1706-129/08
Wrist watch, Skeleton Tourbillon Manufacture Limited edition : 18 pieces Cal. UN-170. Manual winding movement 18 ct rose gold case, 44mm, Water-resistant : 30 m “Python” Python strap
Ref. Nr. 1706-129/08
Diameter 44mm
Case 18 ct rose gold case
Dial “Python”
Movement Cal. UN-170. Manual winding movement
Water-resistant 30 meters
Strap Python strap

At the beginning of 2016, the election year, this watch began booming. Fortune wants to go, it is necessary to wear red replica watches ; you want to make yourself remarkable, absolutely not lack returned to watch to help transport; wanted wrist king, Tourbillon definitely help out the weapon; sensual both want fame and fortune also see the three asked the watch ingenuity baked. Both are a good start in 2016 in the watch, in the end Which is your food?


Replica Chopard L.U.C XPS watches

Chopard LUC XPS series to simplicity, the essence of the process of ultra-thin watches show the beauty of classic watches. Automatic winding thickness of only 7.13mm watch in the body, means the homemade Chopard LUC 96.12-L movement, power reserve of 65 hours, through the transparent caseback, the movement of the decorative details can be clearly appreciated, show Chopin professional system Watch capacity. 18K rose gold case with Burgundy red face plate with a crocodile leather strap, dial and bezel seems to blend, created smooth, slim line with fashion appearance, intoxicating human Burgundy red restrained he also could not hide the taste of the ultimate kingly, people can not help more Kanji Yan.


Replica Ulysse Nardin Royal Ruby flying tourbillon watches

Masterpiece Royal Ruby flying tourbillon noble gorgeous, is the party’s most beautiful scenery. Watch all gems inlaid as artisans, fine workmanship. When the inner label marked with 12 rubies, 48 ​​and the outer circle white diamonds reflect each other. Ruby is the highest gem hardness than diamond, gem via Ulysse Nardin artisans fine cutting, the best state precious stones presented on a 41 mm platinum case. With gorgeous crocodile leather strap and platinum folding buckle, vividly reflect the luxury and elegance of the watch. Dial bold use of bright ruby, with top watchmaking tourbillon complementary means on the red face plate, showing a senior watch people can not resist the ultimate charm. Inspired by the famous Swiss watch mechanical watchmakers James Pellaton, and the choice of a ruby ​​crystal to make plywood. Flying Tourbillon face plate magically floating in the air, as if from a gravity-like conduct rotation. Pierced movement parts neatly arranged on the dial, revealing the ultimate balance of aesthetics. Red face plate with stealth mechanism on the chain, elegant and mysterious.