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In the past few days, Roger Dubuis launched four very original, in the form of traditional animation as a short film, the film every frame is like the brand’s extraordinary time in general, to elaborate hand and delicate to complete, the work to a higher level of art The

These scenes of the spectacular creative video echoes the Roger Dubuis movement hand-built characteristics, complement each other, and like a copy of the creative declaration of success, to show the brand extraordinary concept: inherited the traditional watchmaking of the grand watch in Geneva, Hundreds of hand-assembled parts are assembled and assembled into extraordinary timepieces.

These finely presented Roger Dubuis ironic style of the film is the brand and Cyril Clapin (Cyril Clapin, award-winning film “The Rain Surfer” creator) to achieve the work.

Each series of short films in this series are drawn in full black and white lines, and each with a Roger Dubuis exclusive super movement as the protagonist, respectively, highlight the four different themes: spiritual penetration, interstellar, architectural structure, accurate, each write a moving chapter.

The Butterfly Effect
The theme of the first chapter of the legendary series of films is “Spirituality”, which depicts a curious butterfly (symbolizing the curiosity of Roger Dubuis watchmaker) for the exploration of a mysterious pillar, and the resulting Clever transformation process.

This exquisite butterfly’s indomitable, making its original solid wings into light, bright and transparent natural works, showing a sophisticated mechanical appearance, and it is also the superb mechanical brand to create a classic hollow flying Tuo Flywheel movement.

Gossamer light butterfly wings as if the dexterity of God’s hand, as much as possible to cut off the movement of the plywood and bridge material, leaving only the core components, showing the ultimate permeability of the hollow effect. Roger Dubuis has provided a spectacular stage for the complex functions of its tourbillon movement.

After the transformation of the butterfly wings to another new exploration tour, but in its mechanical “twins” who left a unique mark, as Excalibur Spider series of time one of the genes.

Structural charm
In the “building structure” chapter, the viewer will follow the Eagle’s shocking perspective: the eagle with a keen insight and a tough fly, is the favorite animal symbol of Roger Dubuis, the Geneva city where the watch factory is located, and the Tabulation of the quality of the Geneva mark on behalf of the logo. Roger Dubuis is deeply attached and attached to them.

The audience seemed to follow the wings of the noble eagle and moved, cast himself in a weightless space, and shuttle in the sharp multi-angle structure. This structure forms the classic star shape of Roger Dubuis “Star Trek”.

This video tells the story of the brand’s first self-winding hollow watch story, which carries the RD820SQ movement consists of 167 parts, each part of the face for all have been excellent hand-refined processing.

Star art
The third chapter through the double fly tourbillon RD01SQ movement to show the “Star” theme, explore Roger Dubuis’s extraordinary world.

In this interpretation, the stars with a skilled guide, transformed into superb movement, seems to symbolize the culmination of technology and design. This clever hand into the stars into another world of the Milky Way, to create a moving beauty of the world and extraordinary precision.

In the opening of the film, a clenched fist to the new universe to start fingers, spread the planet. With a relaxing fingertip (which means Roger Dubuis is good at giving talent to the complex features of watches and clocks), the universe is out of planets. Fingertips, falling planets ring was smartly decorated in Roger Dubuis’s sparkling stars.

And then play the index finger clever performance: the two rings seemingly inadvertently placed under the stars, as a hollow double fly tourbillon shelter, in order to achieve visual beauty and technical performance of the perfect combination, which Create representative works of Roger Dubuis.

Pass the brand with extraordinary creativity
Roger Dubuis’s new film series “extraordinary movement” to full of fun, fantasy, innovation and incredible image interpretation, vividly show the brand timepieces both complex and singular, both reliable and innovative excellence. Roger Dubuis challenged all visitors with his “courageous and extraordinary” spirit and proverbs.

Hand-painted film, hand-made timepieces, accurate brush strokes. As a good combination of architectural beauty and superb skills of watchmaking experts, Roger Dubuis to a series of superb legendary video, once again shocked people.

Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42mm automatic-self-wind Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Roger Dubuis
#Part Number – 87300EXCALIBUR 42MMCPO
#Display Type – Analog
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Movement – Automatic self wind

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