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What is the time, what is space, what life … … When asked to this series of ancient problems, life into a myth, these ultimate questions of life, people will throw the unknown and adventure situation. Only those who have the courage to explore, with courage, wisdom, with a keen and determined heart, dedicated to the line. This process is wonderful and long, as the old Da Vinci password, in the years of the river, waiting for the mysterious mysterious goddess to come to reveal the truth. Hardness and softness, fearless goddess, and finally harvest the answer, reveal the truth of life.

Constantly chasing the IWC nations to express the text of the West series, for the brave and wise ladies and set, it is also IWC nations to express the text of the series interpretation of the times wonderful. The meaning of life is to explore forward, beyond to create a classic, classic achievements eternal.

Origin, flower of life

Morning, bell, castle … … the story takes place in a quiet manor in Italy, where reveals the silence of history, and as if guarding a dusty secret for a long time.

A mysterious woman wearing a saint robe came here, her noble, intelligent, and full of calm rational temperament, obviously, she is purposeful. At the end of the garden, she was looking for the ancient and magical “flower of life” pattern on the wall.

The mysterious visitor, beautiful, texture, brow is full of faith. She reached out to the center of “flower of life”, instantaneous, wall rotation, split, open … … adventure into a broader world, in the “flower of life” under the guidance of time, space … … slide to the eternal heaven and earth.

Elegant curvature, noble color, engraved life of the engraved, slender needle … … flashing wisdom of the light of the text of the watch, it is the gift of life, is the woman to continue to explore the guidelines.

Guidance, Da Vinci Code

With the pin pointing to 12, the woman’s decay journey into the core, then, she met with the ancient soul, and the wise couple shuttle interaction. The wise man, who has a great name, Darwinism, the life is exploring the human in time, space, the mystery between the universe, the constant pursuit of the meaning of life.

What is life, what time is … … this is to attract countless wise men and warriors to explore the ultimate goal, and at the moment, he ushered in the lady, the wisdom and bravery of the woman, she wants to find time holy grail, open life Meaning, Da Vinci with a series of “password” for the beautiful woman to do the wizard.

Faced with everything that followed, the woman’s self-confident face flashed a bit of excitement before the war, yes, she was ready. After a time, the second hand points to 8, meaning infinity, meaning the universe, the infinite possibilities of space … … answer surfaced.

Decoding, the meaning of time

Fearless brave man, can finally harvest the gift of time, the gift of life. As the IWC nations to express the text of the West series, designed for self-confidence, determined by the excellent lady and set, elegant and wisdom coexist, tough and beautiful dance, Da Vinci series of watches to women’s unique soft and tough, the wisdom of sublimation, The magic of the power of life as the protagonist for the watch to give a mysterious and intelligent energy. Confident woman can only leisurely, time and space world in control.

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